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The Verein Ferienplausch organizes in and around Zurich over 250 courses during to school holidays in summer.

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AGBs / Teilnahmebedingungen

Ferienplausch - How does it work?

The Ferienplausch for children aged from 6 to 16 years old works as described below:

1. Phase: "Wunschphase"

To give every child the same chances to get a place on a particular course, we are working with the “Wunschphase” by using an algorithm.

You can wish courses and tag the ones where you really want to participate with a star. Some courses maybe only have for example 8 spots but the demand is very high. In this case it is even possible that other children, which had also marked the star will get on this course, even though you marked the star as well.

Just after the "Wunschphase" the algorithm will assign all children to their courses. You will receive an E-Mail to log into your account in order to see, which courses are confirmed. You then still have a few weeks time to decide if you are happy with your selection or if you still want to make adjustments. Please bear in mind that after the "Stichtag" it isn't possible anymore to delete courses yourself.

2. Phase: Self adjustments and additional booking possible (“Direktbuchungsphase”)

In phase 2 you are reminded by E-Mail to check your account and delete courses you don’t want to participant anymore and or book additional courses.

After the “Stichtag” it isn’t possible anymore to delete courses yourself. As from the “Stichtag” all courses in your account will be invoiced. The reason why the courses will be definite is because the organizer of the course has to calculate on a minimum / maximum of participants and often has to reserve and pay a location. These aspects are important in order to decide to run or if less than the minimum participants will attend to cancel the course. You can compare these conditions like if you buy a ticket for a concert. Once it is bought there is no refund. However, if you like to let an insurance cover costs like illness or accident, you can contact your insurance to see if you have coverage.

3. Phase: Courses that haven’t reached the minimum amount of participants

Courses that haven’t reached the minimum amount of participants until the “Stichtag” will be cancelled. If this is the case for one of your bookings, you will receive an E-Mail to log into your account to see, which of your courses are confirmed and which had to be cancelled. In very unlikely cases courses can also be cancelled shortly before the date of the course, for example due to bad weather conditions or illness / accident of the organizer.

Courses with availability can be booked until 3 days before the course is taking place.

4. Phase: Payment

You will receive an e-mail before summer vacation indicating that the invoice is now prepared in your Ferienplausch-account and ready for payment.

For any questions or further information we are happy to help and support you (see: Kontakt).